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Securekeep International, LLC is a security and risk management consulting company offering a wide range of services to clients all over the world.  Our name comes from both the concepts of keeping our clients secure, along with the imagery of a castle keep.  In medieval castles, the keep was usually a fortified tower that was the highest point, the center of defense, and considered to be the most secure location.  The high level of security was the result of the multiple layers of structures and defense surrounding it. 

Our consultants use this concept when designing a solution for your security needs.  Whether we are conducting training; providing personal security; or improving the security of a complex, facility, or residence; we use this multi-dimensional, multi-level concept to meet and exceed your security needs.  Just as the castle keep design reflected the resources, needs, and tastes of its owners, we strive to design a security program for our clients that will do the same.


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